Featured in Women’s Health magazine: “30 things people with mental illness want you to understand”

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and I’m proud to be featured in Women’s Health magazine among several “strong, kickass women with mental illness” who share what we wish people understood about us and our condition.

From the article:


“I have depression and what I wish other people understood is that I really am trying to be okay and I don’t want to be down, but sometimes I have to get through the ‘down’ days to be okay the rest of the time. And also, I want people to know how much energy it takes to feel good—that it’s a constant battle that drains all my energy. I’m not being negative on purpose, it’s just the way my brain is sometimes.”

The more we speak out about mental illness, the more people will understand it. And my biggest hope is that others suffering in silence will realize they’re not alone and get the help they need to feel better.

See the entire Women’s Health article here.

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