As someone who lives with both mental health issues and autoimmune diseases, I've learned first-hand how connected our minds and bodies truly are. My goal with these free tools is to share things with you that have helped me heal over the years. I hope they bring you joy and give you more control over your mind and body.


Frame Your Wins Tracker: 5 mindset-rewiring worksheets to silence your inner critic and reclaim your confidence, using fillable frames to document and display every little victory.


The Toxin Takedown: 10 steps to eliminate hidden harmful chemicals from your life that may be stealing your energy and disrupting your mood that you might not even know you're around every day.

#ichoosebeauty Instagram Challenge: A 30-day guided treasure hunt of sorts to help you re-focus on the little things in life - the beauty - that we so often take for granted. Recognized by Mental Health America as a DIY tool to improve mental health.

Want to feel happier?

Take the 30-day #IChooseBeauty Challenge. It's free. It's fun.

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