Sometimes it takes a lot of work just to feel okay mentally. Journaling and processing my thoughts really help me with this. The trick is to train your brain 🧠 consistently so you don’t slip back into serious depression or anxiety. It’s just like exercising any other muscle – you can’t just stop and expect the same results to continue on their own. It’s definitely SUPER HARD sometimes. So if you’re struggling right now, I can totally relate. We’ve got this. ️#ichoosebeauty Day 2985

#ichoosebeauty Day 2978

This nut job is OBSESSED with anything happening in the kitchen! I was chopping veggies and looked up and there he was, peering over the stove, checking everything out, as per usual. Never a dull moment with Clyde in our lives, that’s for sure! Side note: the onions, garlic, and peppers were not to his … Read more

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