Unprocessed trauma? That’s a real PTSD trigger

Although we usually think of PTSD only as it relates to physically violent situations, emotional wounds can also run deep.

Don’t dismiss your feelings from events like medical procedures, the death of a loved one, or childhood trauma – really, any trauma where you felt physically or emotionally threatened.

Once you recognize you’re experiencing PTSD, then can you work to process it.

When I finally realized that I’ve had PTSD for many years, I did EMDR and brainspotting to help process my trauma. Both are emotionally draining, and I found them very difficult to experience. But I felt like I needed them, and they were ultimately quite helpful.

I still have more work to do, but I’m further along my healing journey.

All this to say… What you’re feeling is valid. And there are various healing techniques available that can help you.

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