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Check out this mom and daughter dynamic duo in their I Choose Beauty tees! Ava (on the left) is wearing our Unisex tee which has a looser fit; Tran has on our Women’s tee which is form-fitting. Thank you so much for your support! ⁣⁣ Shop our entire collection of apparel and more here. 5% … Read more


How will you ever have happiness right now if you believe it’s somewhere else?⁣⁣ Our tanks come in Indigo (pictured), Envy, and Vintage Purple tri-blend… and are super soft and comfortable. Perfect for working out, running errands, or just lounging.⁣⁠⁣ Shop the ONCE YOU STOP CHASING HAPPINESS tanks here. 5% of net proceeds goes to … Read more

Savor the laughter (Mugs)

Make the most of the good times, and savor every single second of laughter.⁣⁣ All of our mugs are created using the healing power of words, and come in two sizes – 11 oz. and 15 oz. Shop the Savor the laughter⁣⁠⁣⁠⁣⁠⁣⁠⁣ mugs here. 5% of net proceeds goes to Mental Health America.

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