Chronic illness, dismissive doctors, and fighting for your health

Has this ever happened to you? You don’t feel well, you take the time and energy to go to a doctor like you should, then he/she is dismissive? This has happened to me several times in my life! And I just want you to know to always listen to your gut and to fight for … Read more

Processing trauma has helped me to grow in ways I never knew were possible

Random things I’ve learned about myself while I’ve been home in Kansas: ⁣⁣It’s really hard watching your parents struggle with their health as they grow older ⁣I’m more patient than I knew ⁣I’m longing for my Egyptian roots like I never have before⁣ Things don’t bother me like they used to ⁣I’m more in tune … Read more

Mental Health Month: 4 tips for challenging negative thinking

Let’s talk about negative thinking patterns, and how cruel we can be to ourselves without even realizing it. This is the main thing I worked on changing several years ago when I was doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which focuses on retraining your brain, and eventually led to my #ichoosebeauty project (another brain training tool).⁣⁣ … Read more

Mental Health Month: 7 ways to fully accept your reality

When life throws you a situation that you can’t change, do you fight it with all your might? Or fully accept your reality? I’ve been working on the latter over the past couple of years, and man, is it hard!⁣⁣ But… I’ve learned that accepting reality doesn’t mean you approve of the situation, you’re giving … Read more

Mental Health Month: How to process big changes in your life

When big changes we aren’t prepared for happen in our lives (like the pandemic), knowing how to move forward can be really difficult. As part of Mental Health Month, let’s look at some tools that can help us process change and adapt more easily.⁣⁣️ Focus on what you can control. During times of change, it … Read more

Mental Health Month: free toolkit 2021

As we kick off Mental Health Month, it’s important to note the profound impact COVID-19 has had on our mental health… before we get to some tools that can help you.⁠⁠ In November 2020, the CDC reported that 44% of us were dealing with either depression or anxiety. 44%! Young people are bearing the brunt … Read more

Upper cervical adjustments done, #ichoosebeauty Day 2716

Done! After nearly two years of upper cervical adjustments (with some gaps because of covid) due to an old injury, I only have to go to my chiropractor on an as-needed basis! My neck has been holding the adjustments well the past few months… finally!⁣⁣ It’s been a long road with many tough lessons. I … Read more

Losing a friend to suicide, and the mental health work ahead

I lost a friend to suicide last week.⁣⁣ I am heartbroken. ⁣⁣ Beyond the grief, I’m also even more aware that there’s still so much mental health work to do. ⁣⁣ Depression has an end stage, just like cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses do. We need to think about it the same way, … Read more

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