Spread self-love this Valentine’s Day

For your favorite Valentine OR Galentine OR ummm yourself… how about an uplifting gift of self-love? Our empowering products filled with positive mantras will brighten your loved one’s day… every day. ⁣⁣Choose from our selection of apparel, mugs, and pendants. 5% of net proceeds goes to Mental Health America.⁣ ️️️

Time out during the holidays

⁣⁣Like many of you, my schedule is way off this time of year. Traveling, being sick, and managing my businesses for the holidays have totally thrown me off track, which is why my regular Monday posts have been… irregular. ⁣⁣But I’ve learned to adjust and recalibrate, and I wanted to remind you to do the … Read more Time out during the holidays

Black Friday feel-good gifts

Black Friday, let’s do this! It’s time for the best deals all year on feel-good gifts for your mind and body: ⁣⁣🥳 Get 15% off and FREE shipping on orders $50 or more when you shop either (or both) my I Choose Beauty products and Beautycounter!⁣⁣ Give the healing power of words with I Choose … Read more Black Friday feel-good gifts

Mental health and the holidays

⁣⁠⁣⁠I know how hard the holidays can be if you’ve recently lost a loved one or if you’re struggling with something in your life right now. Not everything seems so merry and bright. In fact, this time of year can be the hardest. ⁣⁠⁣⁠ So please take extra good care of yourself this holiday season. … Read more Mental health and the holidays

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