oatmeal, #ichoosebeauty 2-17-22

I know. It’s just a bowl of oatmeal. But it was a tiny bright spot in my day. And when you start paying attention to all those seemingly mundane things in your life, you’ll see them differently, like little bits of joy everywhere. #ichoosebeauty Need a little guidance finding more joy in your life? I … Read more

#ichoosebeauty Day 2988

I still haven’t had cane sugar since I went on my elimination diet in October. Honestly, I’m a little nervous to add it back. But with all the delicious chocolate out there made with coconut sugar, I just might survive. Caution: these Hu gems are highly addictive. What beauty did you notice today?

#ichoosebeauty Day 2977

I’ve been craving this Middle Eastern snack – melon seeds… or lib, as we call it in Egypt. Takes me right back to buying them from vendors that lined the Nile in Cairo, laughing with family, and seeing all the melon seed shells along the boardwalk. Grateful I was able to find them online! ️

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