Thanksgiving 2020 amidst covid

Thanksgiving may look different this year for so many of us, and it’s hard. ⁠⁠I’m focusing on all that I’m grateful for right now, which definitely helps. But I’m not ignoring my sadness. It’s important to allow ourselves to feel our feelings – anger, frustration, disappointment – all are valid. Feel them and process them. … Read more

News detox

⁠⁠I haven’t seen, read, or listened to any news since last Thursday. That’s like an eternity for this former journalist/news junkie.⁠⁠ But as an empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), it all got to be too much. To the point where I had three nightmares in one week, and woke up screaming at the top … Read more

Take the #ichoosebeauty Covid Challenge to lift your spirits

How are you feeling, friend? ⁠⁠If you’re looking for something to help lift your spirits right now, the #ichoosebeauty Covid Challenge may be just what you need. It’s free, and you can get started right away!⁠⁠ The 10-day Instagram challenge will help you find one good thing each day, even in the midst of the … Read more

⁠⁠What are you doing to help you get through the hard days of 2020?

⁠⁠What are you doing to help you get through the hard days of 2020? ⁠⁠I’ve definitely been leaning on my daily #ichoosebeauty practice of looking for life’s little things every day. It’s a nice reminder that beauty still exists despite the hardships we’re all facing because of the pandemic and everything else going on in … Read more

Want to feel happier?

Take the 30-day #IChooseBeauty Challenge. It's free. It's fun.

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