Find happiness wherever you are

The #ichoosebeauty challenge is like a daily time-out to appreciate something beautiful that you might not have noticed otherwise. And guess what? Positive Psychology researchers have found that if you notice and appreciate beauty, you’re more likely to find joy and meaning in everyday life… even decrease your levels of depression. Sign up for the … Read more

8 years of #ichoosebeauty! (Day 2924)

Cheers to 8 YEARS of #ichoosebeauty! 🥳🥳⁣8 YEARS!!! To celebrate, here’s a video I posted on Instagram about how #ichoosebeauty started, and where it ended up going. ⁣The best thing to come out of this project, besides my healing, is my connections with all of you. I’m beyond grateful for the way we’ve been brought … Read more

Need a mood reboot?

You will feel more joy on this #ichoosebeauty journey. ⁣30 days. 30 photos. 30 ways to find happiness. It’s free. It’s fun. ⁣Better yet – do the challenge with a friend… and look for the beauty in life together. Sign up for the #ichoosebeauty challenge here.

7 YEARS of #ichoosebeauty (Day 2558)

I’m just over here celebrating 7 YEARS of #ichoosebeauty with this scrumptious cupcake, the breathtaking ocean, and a magical rainbow that wanted to join in, too! ⁣ 7 YEARS! I can’t believe it’s been that long ⁣since I posted my very first #ichoosebeauty picture on Instagram, that changed my life during what was a very … Read more

Want to feel happier?

Take the 30-day #IChooseBeauty Challenge. It's free. It's fun.

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