8 years of #ichoosebeauty! (Day 2924)

Cheers to 8 YEARS of #ichoosebeauty! 🥳🥳⁣8 YEARS!!! To celebrate, here’s a video I posted on Instagram about how #ichoosebeauty started, and where it ended up going. ⁣The best thing to come out of this project, besides my healing, is my connections with all of you. I’m beyond grateful for the way we’ve been brought … Read more

#IChooseBeauty Day 2001

No, this isn’t Groundhog Day… I just wanted to celebrate a little longer! 🍾🥂This 2,000 milestone is a big deal! ️️️ Yesterday, my day got super derailed with some unexpected work stuff, so I just went into autopilot mode and didn’t get to savor the moment, which I’m always saying is so important to do … Read more

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