Beautycounter 6-year anniversary, #ichoosebeauty 9-13-22

This month marks my 6-year anniversary with Beautycounter, which definitely qualifies as one of my #ichoosebeauty moments – something that brings me joy. And I would be remiss not to share this opportunity with you. 😯 A partnership with Beautycounter is perfect if you: …or a combination of any of the above. Also… This is … Read more

National Lipstick Day, #ichoosebeauty 7-29-22

Happy National Lipstick Day to those who celebrate! I’ve always been a lipstick girl and probably always will be! Love wearing lipstick even more these days, knowing it’s safe, thanks to Beautycounter’s strict screening process: they batch test color cosmetics SIX times for heavy metals, going for no-detect levels. ️️ Shop Beautycounter here. Need help … Read more

Beautycounter sale, #ichoosebeauty 4-19-22

Been really loving alllll my Beautycounter makeup and skincare lately! And wanted to share two incredible deals happening right now! 1. 30% off your first order if you’re a new client. 2. 20% back in product credit to current and new rewards members! Oh, and you can double dip and get 50% off! Contact me … Read more

Beautycounter anniversary, #ichoosebeauty 3-4-22

Happy 9 year anniversary to Beautycounter! I’m so proud of the important work we’re doing to change the seriously outdated beauty industry, and to make the world a little bit safer. I joined this movement because of my health. I’ve lived with autoimmune diseases pretty much my whole life, and honestly, had NO IDEA about … Read more

5 years with Beautycounter – #ichoosebeauty Day 2871

I’m celebrating my five-year anniversary with Beautycounter with this giant box of NEW PRODUCTS COMING SOON (can’t wait to share)! ⁣⁣And I thought it was the perfect time to let you know we need more voices!⁣⁣ If you’ve been wanting to build something that has meaning and be part of a history-making movement, I can … Read more

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