Mental Health Rescue Kit: 53 essential support tools to show your mind some love on those hard days



When you feel trapped in a cycle of darkness, reach for this Mental Health Rescue Kit.

Let it be your lifeline when you can’t seem to quiet that cruel voice in your head.

You know, those times when the negative thoughts pile up, depression and anxiety take over, and it feels like you can’t turn things around, no matter how hard you try.

I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to spend hours trapped in my own mind, rehashing every crappy thing in my life, and so lost in self-doubt that it strangles any hope that things will get better.

And through the years, I’ve learned how vital it is to have powerful coping tools on hand for the inevitable days when negativity takes over.

That’s why I created the Mental Health Rescue Kit: 53 essential tools to show your mind some love on those hard days.

It will help interrupt those toxic thought cycles, re-balance your mind, and restore your self-belief.

These exercises help me pull myself out of the darkness when I don’t think it’s possible, or at least give me a little relief and ease my depression and anxiety episodes just a bit.

I know they can do the same for you.

Grab this Kit to help break that cycle of self-doubt and negativity now.

DISCLAIMER: The toolkit and its contents/exercises are not a substitute for mental health or medical treatment, nor intended as a cure.

Mental Health Rescue Kit features:

  • 32 affirmation cards: to tell that nagging inner critic to be quiet and instead, fill your brain with some feel-good self-love


  • 10 mindful mandala coloring pages – to help you zone out and find your zen when negative thoughts won’t stop
  • 3 worksheets, developed by a licensed therapist: to shut down harsh self-criticism and teach your inner monologue to be a supportive friend, not a bully
  • 5 uplifting wall art reminders: to empower yous whenever you’re feeling defeated


  • 3 Beauty Everywhere word search puzzles: to ease anxiety, give you a sense of accomplishment, and re-focus your mind on the simple joys and beauty around you

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