Have you noticed how everything seems sweeter this year?⁠⁠

Have you noticed?⁠⁠

That all the little things in life seem sweeter this year?

⁠⁠Have you noticed?⁠⁠

Flowers are more fragrant, tea is more comforting, music lifts you up and soothes your soul like never before?

⁠⁠Have you noticed?⁠⁠

Texts make your day, conversations are more meaningful, hugs are longer and tighter?⁠⁠

Have you noticed?⁠⁠

You can’t get enough fresh air, you smile when you look up at the clouds, you can’t wait for those video calls with friends and family you haven’t seen in months?

⁠⁠Have you noticed?

⁠⁠All the beauty around you is more special?

⁠⁠I have. ⁠⁠

As I’ve continued my daily #ichoosebeauty practice over these challenging months, I’ve noticed the difference in all of it. And I’ve never been more grateful for the beauty in life’s little things.⁠⁠

How about you? Have you noticed?⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Want to feel happier?

Take the 30-day #IChooseBeauty Challenge. It's free. It's fun.

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