Gray hair update! This month marks two years since I’ve colored my hair. I really REALLY love it, and that shocks me because I never thought I would. I thought I’d dye till I die 🤣 but when I got sick with the vertigo a couple of years ago, it just got to be too much, especially because the grays would pop within a week of coloring. I probably have another six months to go because I want to keep my length. 😀😀 No regrets! #ichoosebeauty Day 2863

It's been so uplifting seeing all of your moments of beauty in the Instagram feed lately! ⁠⁣⁠⁣Remember, noticing the beauty in your world has been scientifically proven to bring more joy and meaning to your everyday life. And… it could also brighten someone else's day – something we all could use during this overwhelming year+, amiright?!⁠⁣⁠⁣My challenge to you: Notice the little things in life. And when you do, take a picture, and share it here using the hashtag #ichoosebeauty. ⁠⁣⁠⁣See beauty. Share beauty. Spread beauty. #ichoosebeauty⁠

It’s been a long 18 months. How is your mental health? ⁣⁣Sometimes it helps to just go back to the basics of being mentally healthy. For me, that means focusing on these 5 things every single day. ⁣⁣YOUR THOUGHTS⁣Really pay attention to your negative self talk and push it away.⁣⁣Sometimes I literally have to say out loud, “Sahar STOP!” when I notice mean thoughts swirling in my head. It’s kind of like a reset button. Try it, but with your name, obviously. ⁣⁣Another great tool for shifting your mindset is to notice the beauty, the little things in your life, every day. #ichoosebeauty ⁣⁣MOVING YOUR BODY⁣It’s like a catch 22. Exercise helps your mental health, but when you’re depressed and can barely get out of bed, it can be the hardest thing to do, even if you love it. ⁣⁣Try starting super small, like even going on a 5-minute walk, and build from there. I know this is so much easier said than done, so give yourself grace. ⁣⁣WHAT YOU EAT⁣Choose food that can help you feel better. ⁣⁣Omega 3 fatty acids, B-group vitamins, and Vitamin D are all backed by science as being good for your brain health. BTW, a lot of people have a Vitamin D deficiency and don’t even realize it – I was one of them! Are you?⁣⁣AVOIDING ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS⁣We may not be able to do anything about some environmental toxins, but there are still plenty we can control. Everything from safer household cleaners, stainless steel pots and pans instead of non-stick, and storing food in glass containers instead of plastic ones.⁣⁣Learning about environmental toxins’ effect on our health is what jolted me into working with Beautycounter to help spread the word about toxins in personal care products, and to help change the outdated beauty industry. ⁣⁣SELF CARE⁣It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Even taking a few minutes to stretch or do some deep breathing throughout the day is self care. ⁣⁣Tune in to what your body needs, and be kind to yourself. ⁣⁣️If you need more ideas, my partner @mentalhealthamerica has lots of resources on how to live a mentally healthier life. Just go to the link in my bio and click on the Mental Health America button.

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