The unexpected magic of 2020

⁠⁠⁠Remember when we were all enthralled by what would be 2020?! A new year, a new decade, a seemingly magical number… 20-20… Oh, the hopes and dreams we had!⁠⁠ And then… it felt like a train wreck real fast.⁠⁠ Things were unbearable when Covid hit. And escalated with everything going on with the racism in … Read more The unexpected magic of 2020

Fighting racism as an empath

⁠⁠My heart is so heavy for all my Black family members, friends, and community. ⁠⁠ The racism in this country is disgusting, but you know what shook me even more over the past few days? Seeing so many vile comments filled with hatred in places I never dreamed they’d be. I was flabbergasted, and my … Read more Fighting racism as an empath

Do something

It’s not enough to feel outraged about what happened to George Floyd. We must all DO SOMETHING. Whether it’s speaking up on social media, having the tough conversations with friends and family, or making a donation to organizations that are fighting racism. Do something. Change won’t happen without action. A few suggestions: Sign the #JusticeForFloyd … Read more Do something

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