"This little journal really does help me stay focused on hope and positivity throughout the day. I can tell the difference in the days I don't make time for it. Putting those thoughts to paper really solidifies them in my mind and I find myself repeating my "I am" statement throughout the day when I need some encouragement."~from Nicole, Amazon review️️️️️Let my new Finding Hope journal help boost your mood in as little as five minutes, twice a day.The morning and evening prompts are designed to train your brain to be more positive and to focus on all that is good about you and in your world.They’re the same exercises I use to help me heal whenever I find myself struggling with depression and anxiety. My sincere hope is that they do the same for you. Get Finding Hope on Amazon – Link to shop is in my bio. #ichoosebeauty

It may look ugly, but it’s actually a thing of beauty. 😀😀 FINALLY getting some major plumbing issues fixed after months of setbacks, red tape, no-show plumbers, etc. Such a mess. But we are seeing a little glimmer of hope today. 🏽🏽 #pleasestopthewaterfromcomingoutofourwalls #ichoosebeauty 🪛Did you know noticing the little things in your life can help improve your mental health? Take my free #ichoosebeauty challenge, and I’ll show you how. Link to sign up is in my bio.

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